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Company group Trust Sredazenergomontazh JSC is the largest diversified construction holding company delivering large-scale projects in the field of heat power engineering and electrical energy industry up to the world standard.

Since its foundation in 1942, SAEM specialists have taken part in the construction of a large number of cogeneration plants in Central Asia. Before the Republic of Kazakhstan gained independence, the total capacity of turbines mounted by the Trust was more than 25,600 MW. The capacity of steam boilers was almost 115.5 thousand tons of steam per hour.

SAEM specialists has completed more than 100 projects in Kazakhstan, as follows: 10 turbine units with a total capacity of 862 MW, 10 steam boilers with a total capacity of 2,450 tons of steam per hour and 8 boilers with a total capacity of 940 Gcal / h at CHP-1, CHP-2 (Nur-Sultan), and CHP-2 (Petropavlovsk) and CHP-3 (Pavlodar).

Also among the implemented projects are the ash dumps construction, the repair and reconstruction of heating services, the commissioning of automated process control systems, electrical and heat engineering equipment, metal fabrication and reinforced concrete products.

Trust SAEM JSC  has an unrivalled experience in execution of construction and commissioning work from greenfield during a setting into operation of chloralkali industry in Kaustik JSC.

Company group Trust SAEM JSC includes affiliated companies: SAEM Petropavlovsk LLP; BCA Energostroy LLP; SAEM Pavlodar LLP, which includes the constructional ironworks; affiliated company Centrkazenergomontazh JSC.

There are also installation works administration, electrical installation works administration, balancing and commissioning administration of electrical facilities and automation systems, heating equipment adjusting administration, hydraulic works administration, a training centre, a testing laboratory, an evaluation center, and a welding and heat treatment branch.

Company group Trust SAEM JSC delivers major power assets and production sites amid poor weather conditions in the north of Kazakhstan. SAEM specialists perform work on technically complex and unique facilities.